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1. What is Season Sale?
Season Sale is a mark-down sales where we clear off products with limited shelf life of 12-18 months.

2. Why does PURAS product have a short shelf life?
As a non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and clean brand, we only use natural preservatives that are safe to our overall health.

3. How long can products that will be expiring in 2024 be kept?
Products are advisable to used before 2024. Once the products are opened, it is advisable to use them within 3 months to prevent oxidation or contamination.

4. Are there any products that can be kept beyond their expiry date?
Essential oils can retain their potency and efficacy beyond their listed expiry dates, with citrus scents lasting up to 3 years, floral and leafy scents up to 4 years, and woody scents up to 5 years. Similarly, personal care and skincare products may remain usable for an additional 2-3 months following their expiration date. (Only applicable to unopened products)

5. Some products looks slightly different can they still be used?
Yes, due to natural products, discoloration and oxidation may happen. However, if there is a pungent smell and hardening of the texture of the products, do not use them.